Our Mission

Witernet aims at providing a high standard of IT consulting service and best of breed IT solutions to automate your office works and increase your revenues. We always:

  • Put our client first
  • Tailor our service to fit your needs
  • Give you the best advice
  • Result oriented

Functional expertise covers areas

  • Consulting and Services Delivery: Consulting and Service Delivery provide by Witernet based on customer requirements covers the followings.
  • Technical consulting: convers the service starting from the project planning and RFP preparing to the technical evaluation during the procurement period, delivery management of the purchased products, defining procedures of the acceptance and managing installations. With these services Witernet provides continuous customer satisfaction from the beginning of the project to the end as well as timely project delivery.
  • Application Software and system infrastructure: it is a part of technical consulting and based on the consulting services on operating system (Windows, UNIX, Linux, etc), system and network management software, relational database management software, relational database management systems and applications. Witernet also gives consulting services for selection of operating system, database management system and network and system software. Witernet application software consulting services covers building required hardware architecture according to the customer needs and downsizing project with its required software and applications.
  • Network: Witernet network consultancy starts from the planning and design of the network structure to the cabling. Implementation and installation as well as providing security and management services.
  • Hardware: Witernet hardware consultancy services are part of technical consultancy and covers consulting services to the customers for the selection of hardware, storage systems, high available and high performance hardware architectures based on the customer needs. Witernet also gives consulting services to the customers in before and after bid by defining hardware architectures like disaster recovery needs, data warehouse system, software requirements, migrating to open system environments, defining requirements for distributed and central hardware architectures.
  • Sales Consulting: Witernet gives sales consultancy for the information technology related companies which are not available as a subsidiary. In this case WITERNET will not sell or delivery any product directly to the customer but only gives required technical and administrative consulting services in the defined projects.
  • Software services: Witernet works as an integrator company in application development services. The main area is WEB based applications and Microsoft based applications. In these categories Witernet is working with partners who are specialist mainly in application development.